Rōnin Arkestra ‘Sonkei’

‘Sonkei’ is the debut album by Ronin Arkestra, a group made up of some of Japan’s finest jazz and electronic musicians. Led by Mark de Clive Lowe, it includes members of Kyoto Jazz Sextet, WONK, Cro-Magnon, Root Soul, Sleepwalker, Sauce81, and Kyoto Jazz Massive.

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CFCF ‘Liquid Colours’

‘Liquid Colours’ is a new-age-ambient-jazz-jungle album by Canadian producer CFCF. Sequenced into a continuous soundtrack, composed over 15 movements, the album attempts to evoke the spirit of ’90s commercialised DnB. CFCF admits: “There’s a risk of coming off like an ironic-hipster-trash-peddler, but I have genuine affection for this stuff because it is dripping with undeniable life and sincerity”. This affection is clearly audible over the 42 minutes and translates to a stunning album.

‘Liquid Colours’ is available digitally now, and released on vinyl soon.

“Liquid Colours started just like The Colours of Life, as a simple challenge to myself to see if I could follow through on a continuous 40 minute suite in one style. Much like COL, it was a break in working on another more involved, complicated album. I was interested in ‘corporatized’ pop jungle — totally inauthentic to the genre’s roots. The jungle tracks on ‘Ray of Light’, Everything But The Girl, Towa Tei, Bahamadia, each member of YMO has respectively released some solo work exploring the genre. Bill Laswell plowing his fucking bass over a DJ Spooky remix of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or something. TV interstitials, ads. At its most oversaturated, jungle and d’n’b was briefly the sound of capitalism. In fact once while I was in the middle of working on the album I had to make a call to some customer service line or other, my bank or something, and the on-hold music sounded exactly like this record I was making! I really knew I was onto something then.” – CFCF

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Ethnic Heritage Ensemble ‘Be Known Ancient​/Future/​Music’

‘Be Known Ancient​/​Future​/​Music’ is an album of beautiful spiritual and Afro-futuristic jazz by Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. Led by legendary Chicago percussionist Kahil El’Zabar on multi-percussion & vocals, the band is completed with Corey Wilkes on trumpet, Alex Harding on baritone sax and Ian Maksin on cello. Go on, shell out for the deluxe gatefold double vinyl, you know you want to.

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Greeen Linez ‘Strange Energy’

Greeen Linez return after four years with their fourth album ‘Strange Energy’, travelling through “gauzy electro, swirling raincoat rock, shuffling subterranean pop and windswept Balearica”. The more sombre, reflective mood – a sign of the times – to this outing is in contrast to most of the duo’s previous output as GL, but no less atmospheric and addictive. Those craving something a little more shiny will be rewarded with the final two tracks, which boost the 80’s synth funk level to the heights of GL’s earlier records. ‘Strange Energy’ is out now on cassette and digital via Diskotopia.

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