Greeen Linez ‘Strange Energy’

Greeen Linez return after four years with their fourth album ‘Strange Energy’, travelling through “gauzy electro, swirling raincoat rock, shuffling subterranean pop and windswept Balearica”. The more sombre, reflective mood – a sign of the times – to this outing is in contrast to most of the duo’s previous output as GL, but no less atmospheric and addictive. Those craving something a little more shiny will be rewarded with the final two tracks, which boost the 80’s synth funk level to the heights of GL’s earlier records. ‘Strange Energy’ is out now on cassette and digital via Diskotopia.

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Melodiesinfone ‘A Journey To You’

Swizz producer Melodiesinfonie joins jazz, broken house and hip hop instrumentals on new album ‘A Journey To You’, out now on Jakarta Records.

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Aura Safari ‘Aura Safari’

Aura Safari are a group of musicians, DJs and producers who met through their local scene at Umbria Jazz Festival and the Red Zone Club in Perugia, Italy. Their s/t debut album, out now on Church, is the union of various musical eras and influences such as jazz funk and fusion, 80’s boogie, Italo house and Balearic beats.

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The Mauskovic Dance Band ‘The Mauskovic Dance Band’

Amsterdam five piece The Mauskovic Dance Band fuse no-wave dance punk, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and space disco on their eponymous debut album, out on Soundway now. The Mauskovic Dance Band reiterate their favourite elements of the 70s-80s legacy of the Afro-Latin psychedelic music of Colombia and Peru, interpreting it through the context of modern day Amsterdam.  

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Prins Thomas ‘Ambitions’

‘Ambitions’ is Prins Thomas’ 6th album and his second solo album for Smalltown Supersound (plus two duo albums with Bjørn Torske and Bugge Wesseltoft). ‘Ambitions’ picks up from where he left off with ‘Principe Del Norte’ – still ambitious, but the tracks are shorter, more melodic and more concise.

“The sun rises, the sun sets. This collection of new songs wasn’t intended as an album at first. It gathers up loose ideas sketched down on my computer or hummed into my handheld recorder in the last 2 years with a shifting work environment, from hotel rooms in San Francisco, backstage in Osaka, on a plane from Miami to Chicago, my garden patio, and finally my B15 Studios in Asker.

The common thread was found later during overdubbing and reworking these sketches under the critical ears of label boss Joakim Haugland. Most of the tracks were finalized in the studio at the same time as my previous collaborative album with Bugge Wesseltoft. Bugge even kindly joins in on the album’s closing track “Sakral”.

Ambitions is my 6th album and I would like to thank the following people for their direct inspiration: Jon Christensen, Jaki Liebezeit, Haroumi Hosono, Daniel Lanois, Eberhard Weber, Shinichi Atobe and Ricardo Villalobos
Prins Thomas, February 2019

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