New Music: Felbm -Tape 1 / Tape 2

Soundwave are set to release an intriguing album by Dutch multi-instrumentalist Eelco Topper aka Felbm. The short sketches found on ‘Tape 1 / Tape 2’ span library-music, electronic-jazz, psychedelia and Latin rhythms, and are a total joy.

“I grew up playing drums, switched to playing piano at sixteen and in the meantime I produced hip-hop beats. I went to study jazz piano at the Utrecht Conservatory, which I finished with pain and effort… I was interested more in electronic and present-day music.”

Posted: 26.10.2018 by Benjamin Smith

Playlist: Deep Space Exploration

Welcome To My Spaceship returns from a two year hiatus (EY 2016-2018) exploring the western-most edge of deep space: from North Star to the Irbi Belt, Spikisland through the Milfordian Cluster, and an extended stay around the outer rim of Bedminstarr. This audio journal collects some of the memorable sounds discovered during our time spent at these distant outposts, here focusing on the more exploratory transmissions that provided a wombic comfort in the cold, vast abyss of space. Vibes Beyond.

Posted: 22.09.2018 by Benjamin Smith